Was Coons Infatuated with Liberation Theology Too?

26 Sep

Thanks to President Obama’s 20-year spiritual adviser and pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, most have heard about the Marxist underpinnings of Liberation Theology.  It now appears Coons has had his own unexplained attraction to Liberation Theology as well:

Chris Coons and his support for Black Liberation Theology,” American Thinker, September 25, 2010.


From the American Spectator (Sept. 20, 2010):

The Republican Establishment and the Left having now made O’Donnell’s actions in her twenties an issue, the question comes round.

What was Chris Coons doing in his twenties?

Answer? He was in Africa volunteering for the South African Council of Churches, a group that holds to the self-same Black Liberation Theology philosophy preached by James Cone and Jeremiah Wright. The philosophy that has at its core the principles of “Marxism dressed up as Christianity.” The philosophy that is at the very heart of the Obama administration and its actions since taking office two years ago. The philosophy that Coons will undoubtedly all-too-eagerly represent if he is elected as an Obama Democrat to the seat once held by Obama Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware.

The Enterprise Blog gives even more insight into the “Marxism dressed up as Christianity” that Coons is attracted to (September 26, 2010):

Just how radical is Cone’s black liberation theology? So extreme that even calling it “liberal” would be a stretch. When I was a teaching fellow at Princeton Seminary, master of divinity students were assigned Cones’ book, God of the Oppressed. Many of these students thought of themselves as liberal theologically. But with few exceptions, even they could not stomach the sheer nuttiness and (frankly) anti-Christian fury of Cone. I concluded that for all but the most radical students, the best antidote to black liberation theology might just be reading Cones in a first semester introduction to theology. Stripped of its religious terminology, in substance it is basically Marxism with a virulent racial emphasis—not soft Fabian or Christian socialism. Marxism.

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