Putting the “Check” back in Factcheck: The News Journal is Shoveling Puckey for Coons

26 Sep

If you want to meet the real Chris Coons this election season, you might want to think twice before relying solely on The News Journal.  In a recent so-called “political fact check” piece, The News Journal overexerted itself to find that–lo! and behold!–Coons is MOSTLY a man of his word while his opponent is “horse puckey” (actual quote….let me save you the search–puckey is serious-journalism speak for “dried animal feces”).

Let’s get a second opinion, shall we?

  • Is Coons being honest in his campaign?The News Journal doesn’t have to look very far to see how many “big ones” Coons has been telling recently…Hint for the News Journal Editor: look at your own reporting. (see News Journal articles referenced here, here, and here for just a flavor of Coons’ contradictions and tall tales).
  • Is Coons’ opponent a “puckey?”:  The example for Coons’ opponent comes from an email to supporters that details how Mike Castle voted to gut the “Pledge Protection Act of 2005” by supporting an amendment to no longer give solid protection for the Pledge but leave it vulnerable to activist judges on the Supreme Court. The email is clearly about Mike Castle’s AMENDMENT vote, but when the vote tally (that even had a corresponding link to the AMENDMENT vote!!!) was included at the end of the email, there was a typo that referred to “bill” instead of “amendment.” The analysis of the email is 100% accurate, and the typo did nothing to change the true and factual point.

Why in the world did The News Journal pick out of the ether some tame example to judge Coons’ ability to speak [mostly] truth?   What motivated The News Journal to put a deceptive spin on the example for Coons’ opponent that is factually true but has an obvious typo?

We are faced with one of two conclusions: (1) The News Journal is in the tank for Coons or (2) The News Journal has a tank of manatees that selected the examples written on idea-balls then place them in a basket for News Journal staff to fish out and write their “fact-check” piece.

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