Coons’ Read-my-lips moment: shatters 30 yr record for largest taxhike

23 Sep

According to Wilmington’s The New Journal, in 2004, when Chris Coons was running for County Executive, Coons’ claimed his top priority was to “continue balancing the budget without increasing property taxes.”  But the county’s Chief Financial Officer soon after issued a report warning tax hikes were only a year off if spending wasn’t under control before then.  Coons’ opponent in the race pointed out this report, but according to The New Journal, Coons’ claimed it was just “spin” for his own gain–“fear-mongering to make make the public think we have some big tax increases coming…”

Yet Coons himself admits he was less than truthful about his “no tax hike” campaign promises: he admitted that he “raised taxes more than anyone in 30 years” (via: National Journal).  Coons also recently admitted his greatest vulnerability is his tax hike flip flop: “Chris Coons raised your taxes. Absolutely. Guilty as charged, your honor” (via Politico).

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